My name is Roberta Diana and I am a Multimedia Designer and Communicator. 

If I had to summarise my main peculiarities as a Multimedia Designer I would say that they lie in the creative combination of text and images. 

I firmly believe in the importance of telling stories and translating them into original graphic solutions, in order to involve the audience and stimulate interest among the target groups, you want to attract.

Moreover, I have a particular intuition in understanding customer needs and I am very effective in thinking and developing tailored communication strategies by using different channels.


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Project associate with the following main tasks: Design and production of both digital and printed graphic materials, market analysis, participation in the design of branding strategies.
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Project 'Wellvita Italy' (2018-2020)
Graphic Designer, Copywriter and Communication Officer for the Danish food supplement company Wellvita, on the occasion of marketing campaigns within the Italian market.
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French Pharmacy
Design and development of graphic materials for the promotion of beauty products (e.g. Showcards, Posters, Offer signs); Creation of promotional newsletters.

Multimedia Designer and Communicator

I am very interested in design processes, and I always try to create innovative visual solutions, ‘with the pencil in my hand and a new idea on my mind’.

Art Historian

I also have a background as an Art Historian from Italy, which gives me a strong sense of aesthetics, and helps me in my current activity as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

Italian language Teacher

Furthermore, I worked as an Italian language Teacher in Denmark, and I have performed translations into Italian from both English and Danish. If you are interested, you can find more information about it under this section.